March 27, 2012 timestencreative

Zynga Buys Omgpop

A party was recently held in a New York City penthouse in honor of Zynga’s recent purchase of Omgpop, a New York based game maker founded by Charles Forman.

Omgpop was an almost unknown producer of social games until Draw Something was released a mere 7 weeks ago!  The smartphone game became a breakout hit and drew the attention of Zynga, best known as the maker of FarmVille.  Zynga bought Omgpop for a cool $180 million solidifying its role as king of social games.

Draw Something puts a twist on Pictionary and involves players producing quick sketches that illustrate words and phrases for a friend to guess.  Since its release on February 6, 2012 the game has been downloaded more than 35 million times and players have generated over 1 billion drawings.

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