June 21, 2012 timestencreative

Track Your Mobile Site Activity

Over the last two decades companies have been working around the clock to develop new ways to see exactly what visitors do when they visit a website.  Companies want to know where they’re navigating, how they’re getting there and what they’re doing once they reach their destination.  Unfortunately for analysts, these tools do not exist for mobile sites…or do they?

An Israel-based company called ClickTale Mobile claims to provide a way to optimize websites for mobile devices and tablets in the same way that you can for desktops and laptops.

VentureBeat reported:

Essentially the technology gives you the ability to track absolutely everything a user does in the phone.  ClickTale Mobile records individual user sessions in video form, and you can also get an aggregated view of how people are using your site through heat maps…So you’ll easily be able to figure out if there’s a specific aspect of your mobile checkout process that sends visitors running or a part of your site that users are ignoring entirely.

Companies like LinkedIn and RSA are reported to already be working with ClickTale Mobile.

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