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Pining For Pinterest

Pinterest was recently deemed the fastest growing social media site…ever.  This came as a shock to most social media experts because it isn’t necessarily for everyone.  There’s a love hate thing going on with Pinterest leaving little room for any gray area; you either love Pinterest or you hate Pinterest.

David Coursey, Forbes blogger, called the site “Facebook with training wheels.”  The same day Coursey aired his Pinterest dirty laundry CNBC aired a story titled “Why Pine for the Pinterest Customer? They’re Worth More.”  The segment explained that the image based website is “exploding” with traffic and that customers referred from Pinterest buy more because of the emotional connection they’ve already formed with the product. actually ranks Pinterest as the number 3 social media referral site, referring over 104 million users.  That falls right behind Twitter who boasts 182 million referrals.

For marketers who are thinking of targeting the Pinterest user, remember, it’s not for everyone.  By that we mean it’s mostly women.  Consider whether your product is visual in nature.  Pinterest is, after all, a site comprised of millions of picture boards.

If you’ve got a match in Pinterest, plan on seeing a huge ROI.  Consider using some of the tips below to maximize your Pinterest exposure.


  1. Include “Pin This” icons on website content and inside you email newsletter.
  2. Advertise your Pinterest boards.  Get people to follow you!
  3. Include images of your Pinterest activity in your Pinterest email blasts.  Give people a reason to check you out.
  4. Tie Pinterest into your email marketing (holidays, big events, etc.).
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