Our work starts with knowing your customer. By understanding the consumer, chances are they’ll be open to learn more about you and your brand. By utilizing the right message through the right media platform we begin to engage the right consumer. Through traditional media, combined with the emergence of digital, social and word of mouth media, brands are finally able to talk with consumers rather than just talk at them. This two-way, instantaneous conversation is the catalyst to forging more loyal, longer-lasting relationships.

Creative Marketing Design

Times Ten Creative offers cutting-edge graphic design services. The keyword here is design. Instead of simply creating graphics, we design with a purpose and our graphics serve a function. Graphics should capture the attention of an audience, while effectively delivering a message.

“Sometimes images speak louder than words.” The designers at Times Ten live by that mantra.

Web Design & Development

Your website may work, but does it work for you?

An efficient website design should be aesthetically pleasing, offer ease of use, and most importantly – it should cater to the immediate needs of your visitors. At Times Ten Creative, not only do we design high-quality websites, but we design them to be functional and double as tools that encourage growth and profit for your company. This includes offering specialized web application design, such as custom reporting software, databases, reservation systems and mobile integration.

In today’s society, first impressions are often delivered online. What kind of impression are you looking to give?

Strategic Marketing & Media Planning

Strategy comes first in any advertising or marketing campaign. Without defining a proper strategy based on your individual needs and goals, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll promote your business to its fullest potential. Additionally, without the tools to evaluate and analyze the results of your campaign, you’ll never know what worked and what didn’t, which results in the inability to make adjustments needed to maximize your ROI.

Strategic marketing and media planning are an obvious inclusion in any of our advertising or marketing campaigns. However, we do offer the services on a separate basis for the purpose of providing opinions, research, and data to clients who are not currently running any campaigns with us.

Internet Marketing

The internet offers nearly unlimited paths to success. It’s not a chance to wait around and be discovered, it’s a chance to reach out and connect with your customer. Never before has there been a marketing capability that allows for pinpoint accuracy, unlimited reach and access to extensive amounts of priceless data.Internet marketing campaigns can be singular or integrated to work together, offering your business the ability to target literally any market, anywhere in the world. Your business website is one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools you have, however, it’s only effective when it’s receiving the proper amount of exposure and incoming traffic. Times Ten Creative is a Google Certified Company, specializing insearch engine optimization, search engine marketing and all other forms of internet marketing services. We help drive more traffic to your website, so you can see an increased customer base and improved sales.

Mobile Websites/Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets

Every day, more and more smartphone users search for products and services while on the go. Searches conducted on mobile devices are steadily rising, and it is interesting to note that mobile devices have not replaced desktop PCs, but instead complement them.

Social Media Marketing

Social networking and user-driven content has clearly changed the way we do business. Online communities like facebook allow your customers to openly and honestly discuss, vote on and share information about your products and services. Todays consumers seek out information on these communities before making buying decisions. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, local review sites and other social interaction type sites are sought out by consumers as trusted authorities.

Times Ten Creative can help you engage effectively with your target audience, utilize best practices and get the maximum benefit from your social media efforts.

E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing is most cost-effective way to connect with your customers and prospects!

It’s a proven fact that Email marketing is the most effective tool to reach out to those most ready, willing and able to purchase your products or services. Statistics show that for every dollar you invest in email marketing you’ll get a return of $40. No other form of media can make that claim. And the results are quantifiable and immediate. Combine that with social marketing where 4 out of 5 Internet users visit social networks or blogs, and the returns look even better.