June 21, 2012 timestencreative

Microsoft Reveals Its New Surface

Microsoft revealed their highly anticipated Surface tablet at their Los Angeles event earlier this week.  Even with stiff competition like the iPad, Microsoft could experience a huge success with their tablet if they deliver what they presented to the media.

The largest hurdle Microsoft will have to overcome in the market will definitely be price.  As it stands the Samsung Series 7 Slate PC with an optional docking station and keyboard is listed for $1,630, and the iPad goes for about $500 and up.  Microsoft will have to list their Surface tablet at a competitive enough price in order to be successful.

Microsoft creators did pay close attention to detail though, and this is one of the few tablets that will feature a full-sized USP port.  The Surface also has a built-in kickstand and a pretty sturdy design.  The exterior of the tablet is magnesium alloy and smooth to the touch.

The great thing about the Surface is that it will be able to do anything a desktop can do: run applications like Adobe Photoshop, graphic intensive games like Diabo, and other “tried-and-true Windows software.”  This is one of the main reasons experts feel Microsoft will be giving Apple a run for their money.

While Microsoft is urging people not to compare the Surface to other tablets, it is almost inevitable.  It seems, however, that Microsoft might be treading into uncharted waters with the idea that a tablet will function the same way as a PC.  Time will tell.

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