August 24, 2011 timestencreative

Google+ Business Preview Invites

If you’ve been reading you’re probably well aware that here at Times Ten Creative Marketing Solutions we’re big fans of Google+.  It is, after all, the fastest growing website in the history of the internet.

As Google continues work on their social networking endeavor, they are simultaneously operating with one of the highest managed systems around.  Spam accounts, fake accounts and personal accounts that are being used for businesses have been disappearing as soon as they arrive (so long as they’ve been flagged by other users).  This is a refreshing, far cry from Facebook’s automated way of dealing with spam and other all too familiar functionality issues.

With that said, Google promised to accelerate their timetable with Google+ for businesses. Google kept good on this promise as they’ve sent out generic Google Group-style invitations to the “Google+ Platform Preview.”  The purpose for Google+ for business is to create an environment where businesses use all of Google’s services as a single platform, and Google+ becomes the binding agent for sharing and collaborating.  This almost sounds like Google’s way of plotting to take of the world (quite brilliant).

Essentially, Google is using the popularity of Google+ to push their other services.  You have to have a Gmail account to be able to use Google+, after all.  Anyone who said they didn’t this coming would have to be lying.

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