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Facebook Titan: Coming Soon To An Internet Near You

While facebook dominates the world of social media its development team has been busy preparing for the release of Titan, a new all-in-one messaging and email service that will provide users with a email address.

Titan is said to be a next-generation messaging platform which combines traditional email with instant messaging and SMS messaging capabilities, yet yahoo mail has been providing those same capabilities for years now.  Titans capabilities as well as its convenience will remain unclear until the service is made public, at which point users themselves will be able to weigh the pros and cons.

Titan has been in the works for over a year now dubbed as “Project Titan”, while just recently facebook made the official announcement that it would be released in the near future, likely only a few months from now.

While some say it could be the death of gmail, others hold steady opinions that switching to Titan will be nothing more than a matter of personal preference. Surely, the benefits to new facebook users may be intruiging, but it’s unlikely that Titan will be so amazing that the majority will drop their current email providers in favor of the new service. While Google retains nearly 2/3 of the market share it’s very unlikely that the release of Titan will pose a threat to the internet giant, however it should raise their awareness. A recent poll indicates that 28% of facebook users said they’d use it, but many are less than optimistic about Titan ushering in a new era of online messaging.

One major concern that has been brought to attention by many experts is the willingness of people to combine all of their information into a single controlled area. We all know of the privacy issues that have been the buzz in recent months surrounding facebook, and allowing even more personal information to rest in the hands of facebook may prove to be an unattractive option for those who are skeptical. Facebook, as large as it is, doesn’t even get close to the amount of revenue brought in by Google or Yahoo, and Titan may be nothing more than a hyped up email service allowing for the presence of more ads to generate larger profits. On the other hand, the popularity of facebook with its 500 million users shouldn’t be underestimated, as the success of Titan will lay in the hands of facebook users more than anything else. For more information on social media and how it can be used to supplement your internet marketing and increase your sales, visit today.

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