June 20, 2012 timestencreative

Buy The World A Coke: Literally

Google recently released a mobile ad that re-visits a classic Coke commercial featuring the song “I want to buy the world a Coke.” The iconic ad from 1971 featured a diverse group of people holding glass bottles of Coke singing the song on a hilltop in Italy.

The Google ad, which ran on Google’s Admob network, is their digital interpretation of the classic commercial, which allows users to pick a city to send a Coke to. Users can attach a text message and press a button that dispenses a drink at a specially designed vending machine in their chosen city. The viewer is even able to watch the Coke get delivered.

The ad was created in conjunction with Google’s Project Re:Brief where Google Creative Labs, and agency Johannes Leonardo, “reimagined classic ads with a digital twist for the modern day.”

Check out both versions of the commercial below…

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