November 1, 2011 timestencreative

52% Of Kids Can Use The iPhone Better Than You

A new study reveals that kids under 8-years-old are more media savvy than ever before. According to a report, 52% of kids know how to use a mobile media device before their 10th birthday.

The report also notes that during a “typical” day, 11% of those kids use a cellphone or other mobile device for “media consumption” spending an average of 43 minutes using these electronics.

The information was collected from a survey that used a pool of 1,384 parents of children up to 8 years old and was conducted from May 27-June 15 of 2011.

The survey also learned that most children under 8 spend double the time watching television than they do reading.

Do you think this is excessive, or is it just a natural progression in an age when things are more digital than ever before?

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